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Master of the wheel II
Wheel your buggy safely through the traitorous terrain avoiding crashing as best you can. Get the highest combined score in all levels in order to win. Contest ends Feb 16, 2010. First place gets 120.00 Md’s, second place gets 60.00 Md’s and third place gets 30.00 Md’s.
Rank User Date Score combo
1 Osman 2/14/2010 800.00
2 nsparisi 2/8/2010 800.00
3 sinco5 2/10/2010 NQ(2)
4 sicLogic 2/13/2010 NQ(3)
5 anton_t 2/14/2010 NQ(6)
6 is 2/9/2010 NQ(7)
7 crazyman1569 2/15/2010 NQ(7)
8 APIJunkie 2/8/2010 NQ(7)
* NQ: Not Qualified. To qualify user must participate in all contest events. (X): Number of events left to qualify.
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